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About Us


When our founders first met in 2008, they recognized in each other an inexhaustible zeal and a kindred soul. They traveled the world together, worked on projects together, and had no intention of living a quiet life.

One day, while restoring a property, Louie fell off a ladder and sustained a back injury. Suddenly, the injury meant that he had great difficulty sleeping, and it was hard to do simple tasks like making the bed. In order to make this daily ritual easier for Louie, Ruby had the idea to create a top sheet with an updated, more intuitive design. The sheet she designed had an extra piece of fabric that could fold underneath the mattress and ensure that the bedding stayed put with any amount of tossing and turning. Ruby made sure her sheet kept the process of making a bed easy, simple and fast. Inspired by Bertha Berman, an African-American woman who created and patented the first fitted sheet, Ruby knew her design was special and wanted to obtain a patent for her creation. A true joint enterprise, Louie drew every design for the patent, and before long, they had secured a patent for their sheet.

That was the first step on the road to their company, Befitted Bedding, who now make accessible, fashionable and comfortable bedding sourced from the finest textile mills in Portugal. At Befitted Bedding, we believe that in the end, you don’t make the bed. The bed makes you.

"There’s a lot to be said about making your bed. It really is something that you accomplish first thing in the morning. And it feels so good when it only takes you a few seconds. And it feels even better when you walk back into that bedroom and that bed is made." – Ruby

 "You’re not lifting either corner of the mattress every time you make the bed to tuck the sheets in. There’s no lifting involved. With ours you just slide the material under the mattress with your fingers and it’s done."– Louie


"Who would have thought that you could do just one tuck on a sheet and it’s done. Who would have thought about the duvet that stays put the entire time, or a top sheet." – Ruby

 "My drawings are very specific. How many threads per inch they will sew, what thread they use, what fabric they use. The embroidery thread has to meet our requirements. It’s a very high-quality product."– Louie


CREA Award for Innovation.

Accredited by the American Council Of The Blind.