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About Us

The Start of Befitted Bedding

She knew she'd found a kindred soul. From then on they traveled the world and dreamed of creating a giant future together. 


Then it happened...


Louie fell off a ladder and received a crushing back injury. Life went from a love song to crushing overnight. Even the simple task of making his bed became grueling. 


But, instead of giving in Ruby had an ingenious idea. 


Inspired by Bertha Berman - another African-American woman inventor - Ruby went straight to work. 

A cut here. A new piece of fabric here... and presto.

StayPut Technology came to life!


Easy. Simple. And Fast! 


Like every other facet of their life together - Louie and Ruby worked together to bring Ruby's idea to life.

Now Louie and Ruby make bedding with an eye to ensuring every detail is perfect so you enjoy your best sleep yet. 


Our fabrics are ethically sourced. The American Council of the Blind declared our design as accessible. Plus our super soft and comfy bedding is made by amazing people with disabilities in the USA. When you choose us you're shaping a more inclusive future. 


Because if you can't do the small things, you can't do the big things. And in the end - you don’t make the bed. The bed makes YOU.

The Befitted Difference

Picture yourself sinking into sumptuously soft linens that provide a level of comfort you never thought possible.


But there's more to it than meets the eye. Our bedding is not just luxurious; it's patented, representing a true breakthrough in design, functionality, and accessibility.

Introducing our revolutionary Stayput technology, an innovation that simplifies your bedtime routine:

  • Put on your secure fitted sheet.
  • Tuck in the bottom flap of your top sheet.
  • Tuck in the bottom flap of your cloud like Befitted Duvet.
  • And just like that, your bed is impeccably made—no hassle, no fuss.

    For added convenience, we've relocated the oversized tag to the bottom, ensuring you always know which end is up, or down.

    With our bedding, the chore of making your bed becomes a thing of the past. It's not just a good thing; it's a remarkable improvement. After all, who wants to spend time making the bed when the bed makes YOU.


    Proprietary Design

    Easy to Make

    Luxurious Materials

    Self Centering


    Great product-Great Company

    Well made, quality product made by people that understand Beddings and the need to simply making the bed.

    MITCH B.

    Ruby is right! - 'the bed makes you'!

    Beautiful cool and soft cotton but most importantly the design of the flat sheet is incredible. It really does stay put. Bed making has never been so easy. You know you have made it when 'the bed makes you'! Ruby is right!



    Befitted sheets are innovative, stylish and offer superior comfort. Making the bed is effortless. I’ll never sleep on any other sheets. Well worth the money



    absolutely love my bedding, it feels very luxurious and stays put while I sleep!



    Love my new stayput sheets. I knew they were supposed to save time, but never guessed that they would be this easy to make. Just takes me seconds now. And do they feel great. Francesca says that he sleeps twice as good with the soft feel they have. In fact I have ordered two more sets so that I will always have a clean set ready.


    There are a few words that I can say about Befitted Beddings: “Simple, Comfort and Classy”. It sure feels wonderful when you walk into your bedroom first thing in the morning and your bed looking neat and clean.
    It really is something that you are able accomplish first thing in the morning, and most of all it feels so good when it only takes you a few minutes!!


    I’ve been really enjoying the smooth quality and stability of these sheets! They totally stay put!!!

    Can't wait to buy a king size for our bed.

    We just had my husband's parents visiting for two weeks. They are in love with the sheets. Can't wait to buy a king size for our bed. Thank you R R!!


    Befitted Sheets are a must for anyone wanting a good night's rest!

    I knew about the sheets but had never bought a set, then I had the privilege of sleeping on them in my friend's home. When I woke up I said, "I had the best night's sleep - what kind of sheets are these?" - and my friend responded, BEFITTED!


    My first night sleeping on Befitted bedding, I slept like a baby and woke up extremely rested. I moved during the night, but the sheets did not - they stayed put. My first thought was, I have to have my very own, so I bought a set the next day. I have never experienced such quality sleep in my life and I know it is because of these high-quality sheets. I am singing the praises of Befitted and will continue to do so.




    Thanks, Ruby and Louie!



    Accredited by the American Council Of The Blind.