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Befitted Bedding Lixa Sheets and Duvet
You Don't Make The Bed

The Bed Makes You

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Befitted Bedding StayPut Sheet Set
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Limited Edition and Historical

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There are two kinds of people in the world...

Those who make their beds - boring. And those who don’t.


They're accomplished. Driven. Victorious. And the success of every day begins with a victory. No matter how small it may seem. Because the small things matter, if you can’t do the small things, you can’t do the big things. So, don't let the small things get in your way.


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Why Befitted

Luxurious Materials

Your new bedding comes from the finest 300 thread count long staple cotton. It’s so incredibly soft that only your own sheer will can coax you out of bed.

All our materials are sourced ethically. Rest easy knowing that your bedding is crafted with pride by the people who made it.

For Every Sleeper

Our deliciously cozy bedding comes in calming colors that can make your room feel like a decadent palace.

If you like your bed to feel cool and crisp, we've got you covered. Or maybe you prefer it to be soft and fluffy paradise like a cloud, we have that too! All linens come in your choice of cool and crisp percale or cloud-soft sateen.

Plus, our soothing neutral colors add that extra touch. Your bed will be the most luxurious spot in your whole house.

Inclusive & Accessible

Our patented one-tuck technology makes it easy for people to make a bed in 60 seconds.

It's so easy that the American Council of the Blind declared our design as accessible.

We're a disabled and woman black-owned company. Plus, our super soft and comfy bedding is made by amazing people with disabilities in the USA. When you choose us, you're shaping a more inclusive future.